Attitude to teachers

  1. Pay respect to teachers whether they are your own
    teachers or not. Be grateful to the teachers who have
    taught you in the past. Show to your teachers those
    exterior signs of reverence to which they are entitled,
    such as, greeting them whenever you meet them.
  2. Be convinced that your teachers deeply feel their
    serious obligation of promoting your welfare in
    the best way they possibly can, i.e. in advising,
    commanding and correcting you. They have nothing
    else in view than your own good.
  3. Self study is most praiseworthy. Therefore, your first
    occupation must consist in doing the tasks assigned
    to you by your teachers.
  4. Always stand up when your teachers enter the class
    and when they leave. If they delay in coming, wait
    for them in your places in silence reviewing your

Attitude to school-mates

  1. Students are expected to show gentleness and courtesy
    to their companions. Refinement should distinguish
    every student of the school.
  2. Never make fun of those who are weak in their studies.
    Let there be no ridiculing of anyone on account of
    his/her physical defects. On what you laugh at others
    may someday befall on you.
  3. Be a source of inspiration to do well to others.
  4. Try to encourage your class-mates.

Behavior at School

  1. Write or draw on the blackboard (except when called
    upon to do so), to write words offensive to anyone,
    to soil walls or maps or anything else are to be
  2. Take care of your text-books, note books and other
    belongings. Beware of appropriating your neighbor’s
    property even if it be the smallest thing. If you find a
    lost article, give it at once to the teacher/office.
  3. Keep the floor clean by allowing no paper or ink to
    fall on it. Cleanliness and purity of soul are reflected
    by clean and neat exterior.
  4. Students should make use of their free time for
    reading books and for preparing classes. They should
    not loiter outside the class room. Time is precious.
    Time lost is lost for ever.
  5. Students should respect silence. Running, playing,
    shouting etc. in the school building is strictly

Behaviour outside school

  1. Be proud of your school. Always speak well of your
    school and of your teachers and class mates. Speak
    no ill of your school-mates or of the discipline of the
  2. Try to practice what is taught in the school.
  3. Respect the elders and be compassionate to those
    who need your help.
  4. Behave in a gentle and polite manner in the family
    and in the society.