School Library

  1. The library is the intellectual store house of the school.
    Students must take full advantage of it and develop their
    knowledge bank.
  2. All students of the Sacred Heart Convent School are members
    of the library. However, only students of class V to XII may
    borrow books.
  3. A student may borrow only one book at a time for the period
    of seven days, and the issue may be renewed further to the
    same period.
  4. Members shall carefully examine the books as soon as it is
    issued to him / her. Any marks (soil, damage) shall be
    reported forth with the librarian.
  5. A student will not be allowed with her / him personal books
    or bags in the library except the library books.
  6. Magazines, Newspapers, Reviews and other periodicals
    should not be taken out of the Library. The same applies for
    the Reference Books which must be immediately returned
    after consultation.